We plan a variety of additional books to expand the Quantum Black setting.

Currently for Sale

Quantum Black: Core Rules Revised Edition

This book introduces the Quantum Black setting and includes a full set of Ubiquity rules with additional rule content for horror games set in modern times. It also includes modern equipment, new magic rules, and statistics and descriptions for a wide variety of cosmic horrors, including Shoggoths and Ghouls. The Revised Edition features corrected text along with significantly improved layout. The print book is hard back and is black and white, while the PDF is now available in full color!

Book cover

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Hard back copies are available through Studio 2 Publishing. You can purchase directly through them, or you can ask your local game strore to order a copy today!

Gamemaster Screen

Make your Quantum Black games run even more smoothly!

The Quantum Black GameMaster Screen provides 6 panels in landscape format. The player-facing side features two panels of art from the cover of the Quantum Back Core Rules book along with a panel featuring the logo. The three interior panels contain some of the most frequently used rules and charts, including page number references corresponding to the Revised Edition of the book. This allows fast access to rules and saves wear and tear on your book.

While this Gamemaster screen follows the Ubiquity System-based rules of Quantum Black, the inserts are designed to be used with the Savage Worlds Customizable GM Screen or any other customizable landscape-style GM screen.  

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Quantum Black: Dark Designs

Get the inside scoop! This book details the inner workings of Quantum Black and new facilities. It also provides the dirt on the infamous Spider teams, new weapons, a modular build-a-drone system, vehicles, and information on new rival organizations. See more information in our blog! This book is 72 pages and in full color. Purchase a PDF at

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Adventure: Trouble in Paradise

Quantum Black agents go undercover at a marriage counseling camp when a mysterious body washes ashore. Couples therapy by day, eldritch horror by night. What they find may change the destiny of humanity forever! Purchase a PDF at

Adventure: Attack of the Drones

In this standalone adventure, the advanced research base Girra has been destroyed. Since Girra is a critical base for Quantum Black drone development, your team will be dispatched as soon as possible. Once on site the team will determine what happened and resolve the issues they find. What you uncover will have you and your teammates in the fight of your lives. This is a fast-paced horror-mystery with lots of blazing action that will have you on the edge of your seat throughout. Purchase a PDF at

Upcoming Products

The Darkness is spreading as the world of Quantum Black continues to evolve.  Many new projects have arisen. Be careful, though, the titles and full details of each project may change as they come closer to fruition.

Core Books

We are working on a variety of books providing more details on the world of Quantum Black, new equipment, character generation options, organizations, and foes. These offerings will flesh out the Quantum Black setting to make it more a more feature rich environment to explore. Here are books we are working on now.

Bleeding Edges

We're working on what should be a massive book, filled with so much awesome we might have to split it into multiple books. A few things it will include:

  • Character options: high powered spellcasters, cyborgs, cinematic martial artists, psions, and bio-enhanced warriors are some of the new options!
  • Bestiary: demons, devils, angels, fey, pagan gods, cryptids, undead, and werewolves, plus some new takes on some old favorites like Deep Ones and Shoggoth.
  • New Organizations: New organizations, such as the the Paladins of Charlemagne are an ancient order devoted to recovering dangerous relics. Over the centuries, they have split into factions across the globe. Recently dealt an almost crippling setback, the Paladins will resolutely rebuild from the ruins. Do you have what it takes to be a Paladin?  Inspired by shows such as Warehouse 13, the Librarians, and The Lost Room, this book will feature everything you need to know to run a Paladins campaign. Also included are optional rules for playing sometimes more lighthearted horror.
  • Old Organizations: The foes of Quantum Black have not been resting. We will update and go into new depth on several of our classic organizations.
  • World Building: Discover more of the world of Quantum Black, including its secret history and places.

We have many more plans. Stay tuned!

Until then welcome to the Darkness…. We’ve been waiting.

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